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What We Offer

Whether you have an idea sketched on a napkin or a full set of architectural plans, Whitestone Construction Services will take the time necessary to understand your vision. We pride ourselves in our flexible engagement and contracting options to address the needs of each client and project. Whatever the project requires: people, client satisfaction, and financial responsibility remain our core objectives. We’re committed to collaboration, quality and accountability from project conception to completion.

Construction Management

Process for Success


We believe that the planning process is critical to successful completion of any project and establishes a framework that supports the needs of each project.

  • Project team formation
  • Due diligence; including scope review, schedule validation, and safety protocols
  • Permitting


Simply put, procurement is having the right resources and material on site at the right time to complete the required task.

  • In-house resource management
  • Subcontractor qualification, contracting, and management
  • Equipment scheduling


From the pre-construction meeting through close-out, we work to establish an environment of cooperation and trust between all parties involved in the project.

  • Mobilization and staging
  • Construction operations
  • Active project management; including cost, scope, safety, and schedule components
  • Quality control


These final steps are just as important as the first steps of a project. Successful closeout is one of the reasons why we have so many repeat clients.

  • Final inspections and CO
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Warranty support
  • Project evaluation